The Investment Process

Totally Independent – No commitments to any fund houses

Aisa’s team of experienced and qualified investment professionals offer our clients a truly personal and responsive service delivering re-assurance in a wholly transparent way.

Investors nowadays are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of investment proposals on offer. These proposals often set out to coax and cajole on an emotional basis rather the offering any consistent investment method.

Our investment style makes sense for all the following reasons:

tickOur service stands out from the pack

tickOur style stems from our conviction of its underlying merits

tickOur investment method is easily understood in terms of financial rationality and prefers the construction of a trustworthy relationship

tickTrue diversification lies in investment styles

tickAisa Investment team meetings are held every quarter to discuss and review issues affecting our investors.


tickRisk Analysis

tickAsset Weighting

tickDue Diligence

tickFund Selection

Ultimately we are able to provide portfolio management and construction, which is balanced to your attitude to risk through risk profiling.

Asset Allocation

We conducted research at our seminars (2002-2011), where we gave some fantastic information on asset allocation and how it can be applied.
As a direct result of this research, we have created fund recommendations updated every 3 months with easy explanations of Asset Allocation – how it works from bottom up and top down – and how it can form the main plank of any investment strategy.

However, due to regulation and the issues surrounding releasing this information, and it being mistakenly or incorrectly applied, it has been concluded to retain it for our paying clients on our secure extranet at “Clients Only – News”.

What investment classes are there?

tickCash and Fixed Interest

tickProperty (UK & Overseas)

tickUK Equities

tickOverseas Equities and Fixed Interest

tickCommodities & Derivatives

Which all require SPECIALIST investment advice.

Whether it be Exchange Traded Funds, shares, gilts or property then you can be assured that an Aisa adviser has the appropriate HIGHER qualification. Go to The Aisa Team page for detailed information about our staff.

However, we understand the need for unbiased advice, so here is a link to the FCA website with independent advice according to RDR where there is ‘No Selling. No Jargon. Just the Facts.’.

Commodities are considered on an individual basis. As for the various investment classes there are hundreds of investment products available from many different companies, and if you are attempting to do it by yourself, choosing one that’s right for you might seem like an uphill struggle.

For assistance and help, contact us

We must make it clear that whilst you can get all kinds of ‘unbiased’ information from all over the web, this will not make you an overnight expert and it will often not answer the questions that you are not even aware you should be asking yourself! For complete re-assurance you should be seeing a specialist – one who has both technical knowledge far in excess of a website, and also the experience of answering the questions that only he/she can know should be asked.

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