Why us?

10 reasons below explain why you should consider using us,
and they are just the start!

. . and we have not even mentioned UK and US best practice, wherever you are.


Solid foundations

17 years of experience and regulated in the two toughest market places in the world can only re-assure you that we have the solid foundations you are seeking from an adviser.


Competitive fees

You get better returns because our position as a UK & US based adviser means we have access to the most competitive custodians in the world meaning you keep more of your money.


Chartered status

We are Chartered in the UK making us less than 20% of all firms in the UK with this best practice status.


Proven processes

We have spent 17 years ensuring that we have processes in place for all our staff to understand their role in helping you. We have clients dating back 17 years who will vouch for us.


Wide investment choice

We have historic data of our investment returns which are published quarterly. We have full governance that is dictated by UK and US guidelines. We project returns using both compound and Monte Carlo style cashflow forecasting. You get access to shares, ETPs and other instruments with the benefit of our technical analysis and UK and US discounts.


No such thing as “Free”

We are not free. We do not provide free information and research. Our knowledge is not able to be passed on through free worthless sales aids. You should be re-assured that all your fellow clients are paying for our time and that you are prioritised accordingly. You pay for what you get in life, and free now often means it will cost you a lot more in the future.


No exit penalties

You get flexible, adaptable solutions that you can follow our advice on, or indeed you can take our advice and do your own thing. Under UK and US regulation we only use explicitly charged products with no hidden charges, commission nor costly exit penalties or ‘lock-in’ periods. In the EU, with the exception of Holland and the UK, all other advisers regulators encourage the ongoing use of commission driven products with all of the things we have just written we will not do!


International experts

It is no use being advised by people who do not understand you. All the international advisers we use are trained in the UK or the US and have lived overseas for at least a year or longer. They understand the challenges of currencies, pushy salesmen, costly products and can help you avoid them.



If we do not deliver what you are expecting from us within the advice process then you do not have to pay us until we rectify any reasonable concerns you may have.


What are you waiting for?

If you do not want to pay fees, or if you like the idea of a pushy salesman then please do not contact us. We are not the right company for you.

If you prefer our open and honest approach, please contact us.

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