Geordie Bulmer- Speculate to decumulate

Geordie Bulmer- Speculate to decumulate

The Accumulator

The Accumulator

Geordie Bulmer was recently interviewed by Citywire about investing to accumulate wealth as tax efficiently as possible  The Accumulator

The Proposition

Geordie describes the importance of a sustainable income to guarantee a secure retirement. 

The Wrapper

Various investment strategies are mentioned, including the in-house expertise of Aisa Professional and the possibility to cooperate with external discretionary fund managers to help clients attain the best outcomes in retirement. 

Retirement Planning Tips

The five key pointers to a successful retirement strategy are outlined. 

The Favourite Client

How an inherited client’s investments were turned into tax free income.


The importance of not draining retirement funds is explained. Bear in mind, a 65 year old can expect up to 30 years of retirement. Accumulating funds is only half the story.